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1. All concerned persons are hereby informed that the next DRE Part 1 “Dental Registration Examination” will be held on Wednesday September 6, 2023. The venue of the examination centre will be communicated at a later stage.

2. The DRE Part I will be a computer-based examination set by the National Board of Examinations, New-Delhi, India.

3. The DRE Part I examination will be of 2½ hours durations. There will be 150 Multiple Choice Questions having a question stem and 4 distractors with one correct/best response.

4. The DRE Part II is a Viva Voce Examination organised by the Dental Council of Mauritius. The date and time of the examination centre will be communicated at a later stage.

5. An applicant shall be declared as having passed the DRE examination only if he has scored a minimum of 50% marks in the whole examination.

6. Candidates are requested to submit a copy of two recent passport size photographs and effect a payment of an exact amount of Rs 13,500/- in cash to the Dental Council of Mauritius.

7. Last date for receipt of application forms is August 22nd, 2023.

8. An “Admit Card” will be issued by the Mauritius Examination Syndicate (MES) to all DRE candidates.

9. Candidate should carefully examine the “Admit Card” and ensure that all the entries therein are correct. In case of any discrepancy, same shall immediately be brought to the notice of Mauritius Examination Syndicate.

10. No candidate shall be allowed to appear in the examination unless:

a) He/she is a citizen of Mauritius, or he/she is a non-citizen who holds a work permit or is exempted from holding a work permit under the Non-Citizens (Employment Restriction) Act

b) The candidate should possess a “diploma in dental surgery” or an equivalent qualification awarded by a recognised dental institution listed in the Dental Council Act.

11. The Dental Council of Mauritius reserves the absolute right to withdraw the permission, if any, granted inadvertently to any applicant who is not eligible to appear in the DRE even though an Admit Card has been issued.

12. The Result of the Dental Registration Examination will be published on the website of the Dental Council of Mauritius.

This Communiqué is published for general information. Further details may be obtained directly from the office of the Dental Council of Mauritius at Floreal.


Ag. Registrar
Dental Council of Mauritius
Office 8, First Floor Nouvelle Usine,
Mangalkhan Floreal

Tel. 6602020

Date: August 04, 2023

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