• Office 8, First Floor, Nouvelle Usine, Cite Mangalkhan, Floreal, Mauritius

One Day Conference at Holiday Inn


The Dental Council of Mauritius has welcomed over 90 Dental Practitioners to its 3rd CPD event organised at Holiday Inn Hotel, this Sunday 24th July 2022.

The CPD event covered 4 interesting topics, namely:

  • Relevant tax provisions for medical professionals and the importance of tax compliance – delivered by Mr Yoganand Ramtohul
  • Crown and Bridge – delivered by Dr Anton de Waal
  • Health and Safety Awareness in Dental Practice – delivered by Mrs Minakshi Mungtah, and
  • Management of Impacted Maxillary Central Incisors – delivered by Dr Chandradev Bhikoo

The Dental Council of Mauritius wishes to thank all participants, collaborators and sponsors who have all contributed to the success of this CPD event.

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