• Office 8, First Floor, Nouvelle Usine, Cite Mangalkhan, Floreal, Mauritius

Welcome to the Dental Council of Mauritius

Established under the provisions of the Dental Council Act 31 of 1999

Composition of Dental Council

The Dental Council comprises of a total of 11 members with the following breakdown, namely:

  • 7 registered dental surgeons of whom 2 are public officers and 5 are private practitioners.
  • 3 persons who are appointed by the Minister and are not dental surgeons;
  • 1 representative of the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life.

The Board Members are as follows:


  • Dr. BOODHUN Amresh Nemraj 
  • Dr. CHEEKHOOREE Kumarsingh Santosh 
  • Dr. BISSUMBHUR Sailesh Kumar (Chairman) 
  • Dr. NASAPEN Dev Kumar 
  • Dr. DOMUN Ahmad Khan
  • Dr. RAMDHONY Nitincoomar
  • Dr. MOHADEB-SOMAR Jhassu Varsha Naveena

Representative of the Ministry of Health and Wellness

  • Dr. Ian Ramdin Director Dental Services


  • Mr. Vivio FIGARO
  • Ms. Priya Kumaree DABY
  • Ms. Yogina YERRIAH


  • Dr. RAMDHONY Nitincoomar (AJ)