• Office 8, First Floor, Nouvelle Usine, Cite Mangalkhan, Floreal, Mauritius

Welcome to the Dental Council of Mauritius

Established under the provisions of the Dental Council Act 31 of 1999

About Dental Council of Mauritius

The Dental Council, was established under the provisions of the Dental Council Act 31 of 1999 – 1 January 2000. It provides the registration and regulation of the dental profession in order to promote high standard of dental practices safeguarding the public, foster ethical conduct, and upkeep the ethical standard of the profession.

Functions of Council
The Council shall:

  • exercise and maintain discipline in the practice of dentistry;
  • advise the Minister on any matter governed by the provisions of this Act or any matter connected therewith or incidental thereto;
  • establish a Code of Practice for the dental profession on standards of professional conduct and dental ethics and monitor compliance with such a code;
  • organise such examination, including clinical or practical examination or assessment in dental surgery, prior to registration as the Council may deem fit;
  • promote education and training of dental surgeons and specialists generally;
  • notwithstanding the Mauritius Qualifications Authority Act and the Tertiary Education Commission Act, be the sole authority empowered to—
    • pronounce on all matters relating to the recognition and equivalence of any qualification for the practice of dentistry;
    • define the criteria which govern the comparability of any qualification for the practice of dentistry;
  • keep a record of all its proceedings and decisions; and
  • publish the annual list.

Mission Statement

The Dental Council of Mauritius will continually promote and regulate good practice of dentistry commensurate with highest international quality and standards, with the objective of safeguarding the interests and expectations of patients, the dental profession and the public at large

Vision Statement

The Dental Council of Mauritius projects that Mauritius shall become a country free from acts of malpractices during the practice of dentistry and where the nobleness of the dental profession will be exemplary. The Dental Council of Mauritius must be seen as a body that commands trust and respect from members of the public as well as the dental profession, by virtue of allowing only qualified dental practitioners having the standard medical education and skills to be registered as dental practitioners.